Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chapter 20

—Guess what? There’s finally a plot! Like, 20 chapters in! Who knew, huh?

That’s what I get for winging it. >.>—

The woman opened her mouth to speak, but before she could Aradia cut her off.

“Are you a ghost?” she asked, bypassing tact.

The glowing woman laughed, and her voice was more ethereal than anything else. “No,” she answered. “A ghost is a hologram built on emotion, an imprint of someone already having joined the Lifestream. I’m not a hologram, just a visitor.”

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Chapter 19

—About TIME, huh?—

Karkat woke to the feeling of cold metal pressed against the skin of his throat, and his eyes flew open to follow the length of red steel to glare into Genesis’ bright green eyes.

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I can’t remember what the festival at the beginning of Dirge of Cerberus was for. You know, the festival that the Deepground Dipshits crash-landed into?

If anyone else knows, let me know. If not, I’ll just make the festival in Midgarstuck be marking the anniversary of Meteorfall.

Sound good to you folks?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chapter 18

—As I warned, nothing but fluff. Besides something Jake says near the end, this part’s not really significant to the plot. I’m just a hapless fanfic writer who needs more fluff in her life, especially two days after V-Day and STILL not in a relationship, and this is my only outlet at the moment because for some reason my fluffly pictures come out stupid and I hate them.

Anyway, have some GunBlade fluff!!! Whee~—

Karkat led the three into the cavern, where Sollux and Roxy were already passed out together on one of the cots they’d laid out. He and John left the other two to their own devices, going to the cot in the middle, where John asked him softly about the bruises on his face.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chapter 15

—HEY LOOK I DID IT. Two chapters in one day. This one’s about a page longer, too. And includes MATERIA. WHEE~

(This chapter’s alternate title is: “In which Equius is the biggest cockblock. It is him.”)—

You would think that it would be slow going in the tunnels because of how many of their party was injured – namely, more than half of them – but, owing to the materia they’d had stockpiled for an emergency such as this, after about five minutes they were all as good as new. They were nearing the exit to the tunnels that Jake and the others had taken the previous night, the one leading to Banora.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chapter 13

—My only excuses for this are: 1. I’ve been depressed most of the night, only having recently felt a bit better; 2. it’s 6:30 AM and I haven’t slept a wink; and 3. writers’ block is a bitch I thought I’d seen the last of.

In other news….HOLY CRAP THIRTEEN CHAPTERS. I’m getting good at this. I think.—

Jake stared after the recently closed door, a hint of incredulity still on his face. “Should we have let him go?” he asked Karkat, who was on the couch with John asleep on his lap.

“Not like we had a choice,” Karkat replied, his fingers lightly smoothing out John’s soft hair. “It’s obvious he’s in love with her, if you think about it. Us preventing him leaving would only have made him angry with us.”

“What if he gets hurt?” Jake asked, and Karkat rolled his eyes.

“You’re a little paranoid, aren’t you?”

“We are members of a terrorist organization,” he pointed out.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chapter 12

—HOLY CRAP I did a lot of typing today. ._. I’m gonna burn myself out, at this rate… I hope not. ono—

Jake didn’t think he’d ever felt more alive. It was as if he and Karkat were in their own world – though, Jake was trying to imagine it wasn’t Karkat, but the hazy shadow he’d seen in his half-recalled memory. This was his only lead and he wasn’t about to squander it by not remaining focused.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is Jake’s theme song. XD

Anyone hear of The Gunsling by Black Veil Brides? It just kinda fits with how I’m writing Jake. Kind of weird, because I started this AU listening to Strata songs over and over.

Anyway, I have this part I was typing that was really funny, so I figure I’ll share:

'Karkat rolled his eyes in exaggeration. “Fine. Whatever. Don't mind the fact that there are probably WRO agents around every corner looking for our 'sorry asses' after our little spiel in the biggest fucking building in the world. No, let's just waltz out into the romantic fucking moonlight, and when we run into a soldier, it'll be just fine! 'Oh, hey, Pyrope! Just out enjoying the breeze! You want to take me in? Oh, OKAY, that'll be just fucking SWELL'.”

"Hold on, let me grab the handcuffs," said a new voice from the door, and Karkat practically jumped out of his skin as Dave and Sun walked in, parading Terezi between them.’



I have no idea how to start chapter 11. I think what I need is for someone to give me a little push in the right direction.

So…. I’m taking a vote.

Which character should I start the next chapter out with?

Out of Roxy, Sollux, Jake, (no Dirk because I started out the last chapter from his point of view), Terezi, Rose, Gamzee, maaaaayyyybeeeee Tavros (but he’s still in bed, although Sun did just grab materia to fix him with). I’m leaning more toward Sollux or Jake, but…what do you guys think?

(I’m not putting any of the other characters into the story yet. They come later. XD it might be a while…)

Everyone go shower Goldarcanine with love and affection right now. She did this awesome coloring job on my quick, derpy lines and asjfkdjsgjksdgjklsdfgasjgkldjlskgrklngkrsnglj


Everyone go shower Goldarcanine with love and affection right now. She did this awesome coloring job on my quick, derpy lines and asjfkdjsgjksdgjklsdfgasjgkldjlskgrklngkrsnglj