Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is Jake’s theme song. XD

Anyone hear of The Gunsling by Black Veil Brides? It just kinda fits with how I’m writing Jake. Kind of weird, because I started this AU listening to Strata songs over and over.

Anyway, I have this part I was typing that was really funny, so I figure I’ll share:

'Karkat rolled his eyes in exaggeration. “Fine. Whatever. Don't mind the fact that there are probably WRO agents around every corner looking for our 'sorry asses' after our little spiel in the biggest fucking building in the world. No, let's just waltz out into the romantic fucking moonlight, and when we run into a soldier, it'll be just fine! 'Oh, hey, Pyrope! Just out enjoying the breeze! You want to take me in? Oh, OKAY, that'll be just fucking SWELL'.”

"Hold on, let me grab the handcuffs," said a new voice from the door, and Karkat practically jumped out of his skin as Dave and Sun walked in, parading Terezi between them.’


Monday, January 30, 2012

Real quick preview. Kind of.

Me: *thinking* Hmmm… I can’t decide whether to put Terezi or Eridan in this part… *out loud* CRAIG. Really quick. Eridan or Terezi?

Craig: …why?

Me: Just really quick. Pick one.

Craig: …Terezi.

Me: Thanks. Oh, and it’s for fan fiction.

So….that chapter will be up soon, guys! I’m ALMOST DONE. I SWEAR.

(listening to The Gunsling by BVB is really helping me type faster. >w<)